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Q: How much do you charge?
We wish there is a straight answer to this, however, design services are not so easily quantifiable as requirement varies for each and every project. We have two types of billing depending on your design job :


a) Per-project price, pre-determined at the start of the project.
b) Hourly rated - billed according to the time utilized. Clients are updated regularly on their projects by our time-log and status reports.


Q: Can a small company afford your services?
Many of our clients are small companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals. By outsourcing their design projects, they save themselves time and frustration and save the expense of keeping someone on staff to do design tasks. We are flexible and can work within any budget constraints you may be facing. Put us to the test and you'll be surprised how far your design budget can stretch at 2am Creative Production LLC.


Q: Do you do small projects?
Yes! We are happy to work on small projects; anything from minor edits to a Web site to altering a graphic or logo.
*We do not create any holiday/birthday, religious-based design and/or design work that promotes prejudice.


Q: I have an idea that I would like to protect, does 2am Creative Production LLC sign non-disclosure agreements?


We appreciate your desire to protect your intelectual property and are glad to sign any non-disclosure agreements. If you do not already have an agreement, we can make a two way non-discoloure agreement available.




Q: Does 2am Creative Production LLC offer Refunds?


Deposits are Non-Refundable. An administration fee of 3.5% of your original purchase price will be deducted from the amount refunded. The refund policy will not take effect in any of the following events:
  1. If you purchased a "Special Package".
  2. If you have approved your design.
  3. If work was commenced on one of your samples and 2 or more design changes were effected at your request.
  4. If the party for whom the design is being designed closes, or changes its name, or changes its activity.
  5. If the project was canceled for reason(s) unrelated to the design of 2am Creative Production LLC.
  6. If you do not communicate with 2amCP LLC for more than 3 months following the submission of the design.
  7. If other design companies were hired to work on the same design project at the same time.


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